Lost in repetition, 2018, acrylic paint on walls, 1400 x 255 x 360 cm (unframed)

A repeating movement of the hand in space is constitutive for the spatial work 'Lost in Repetition'. The impossibility of repetition in painting is here turned into a method. The spatial work follows the desire to repeat a manual gesture and the discomfort that arises when the impossibility of the undertaking is realized. A new attempt and all other attempts that follow end in being lost. Getting lost in a trying-wanting that can become pleasurable. 'Lost' is charged both positively and negatively. 'Lost in Repetition' is a search for an immediate expression of painting through the moving body, which was located in the interior of the Milch Pavilion. A painterly action creates traces. Color is applied in line shapes and partially illusory removed by applying a white color surface with wall paint. It is fascinating how a very simple painterly interaction creates uncertainty about the origin of the trace when parts of the trace are blurred or "erased." The white areas are applied within the radius of the hand, in relation to the body's position in space. They form white areas within the color, like holes. The colored shapes seem to splinter and scatter.
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